Hafton Castle


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  1. Janet

    My brother held his wedding at Hafton Castle and people came from all over the world. I travelled from Vancouver, Canada. The location is excellent. Walk out the front door to a beautiful view of Holy Loch. It was a treat for me to stay in such a historic landmark with high ceilings painted and sculpted brilliantly. Thanks for a wonderful stay.

  2. Katie and James

    We have at last returned home via Dumfries and Cumbria to be met with several messages of thanks from friends and relatives all of whom thoroughly enjoyed their Hafton stay. May we reiterate on their behalf what a super place it is (weather notwithstanding) and what a super week we all had.

  3. Trish and family

    We had a splendid weekend at Hafton. Everything was just wonderful. A very special occasion that brought us all together and created special memories, just as intended.

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